Providing assistance to the poorest of the poor in North Maluku, Indonesia


Since 2000, IFC has focused on improving the health and future of the poor in Indonesia.

Library Plans – the Second Building

    Proposed Library...

School Caretaker’s House – the First Building

Hohidiai School in the initial stages of...

New Hohidiai School

 Hohidiai School  — Architect’s...

International Friends of Compassion

IFC is an American based aid organization that has been providing assistance to the poor and displaced people in Indonesia.  Work has been focused on Sulawesi and North Maluku since 2000.  IFC seeks to improve the health and future of the people of these regions. In 2004, 75 acres of land were purchased on the island of Halmahera to build a medical base. Since then the base has developed into a place of care and hope.

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