Posted by on March 1, 2017 in Blog, On The Road

I am reminded of the Norman Rockwell painting of a family going on vacation. They are in the family car and everyone is smiling and happy. The family dog has his head out the window and he enjoying the wind in his face. Then the second caption is this family returning from vacation. They are slumped in their chairs and exhausted–no smiles except the family dog. He has his head out the window with the same enjoyment of the experience as he had when they left on vacation. That is often our experience in travel–we go with anticipation and return worn out.

The recent team to Indonesia had an awesome time helping teachers with English language and the completion on small construction projects. The entire team got a flu bug and the travel was a challenge. I do appreciate the professionalism of the airlines who serve to keep us comfortable and safe.

There is no substitute for your own home and especially the comfort of a great rest in your own bed. I so admire the volunteers that travel those long distances to give their time and talent to help advance the work in Indonesia.