An Angel Among Us

Posted by on June 5, 2017 in Blog, Staff News

Winda was 30 years old when she lost her struggle with T.B. but found the hope of eternity. She was an amazing person. She was educated and could speak English as if it was her first language. She had a University degree in English language. Winda told me–she prefers to write in English because Indonesian words were too long. We would laugh but I know how difficult the English language is to master. She was academically gifted. The thing that set her apart was not the grasp of language but the person she was. She had a deep love for Jesus. She loved God and people. I never heard her say a single word of criticism of anyone. She was an example of the Greatest Commandments. Winda fought the results of T.B.she got when she was 20 years old. Many were touched by Winda–and many of us thought she was an angel living with us. She longed to be with Jesus and now she is without a shadow of doubt in His embrace.