Update–Hohidiai School

Posted by on October 31, 2017 in Blog, International School, News

We are thrilled that over 170 students are now receiving high quality education at Hohidiai

School. Our students won first, second, and fifth place in an English reading competition. Well

done! Our top grade level this year is Year 7, and we’ll add Year 8 next term. Recently, two

brothers began to attend our school. Their blind father asked us to take them in, but instead we

offered his wife work and enrolled the children in our school so the family could remain intact.

Construction on our second school building is over 50% complete, and

we will soon start construction on our third building. Thank you for

your generous donations to enable this to happen! We recently had a

great visit from experienced teachers at Chairo School in Australia. The

skills they imparted to staff were invaluable.

Qualified school teachers and uncertified teaching assistants are an

ongoing need as we add one grade level each school year. Please pray

for us to get qualified teachers to provide a first-class education to our


Thank you–Hendra Pontomudis, Principle of Hohidiai School