About IFC

IFC is an American based aid organization that has been providing assistance to the poor and displaced people in Indonesia.  Work has been focused on Sulawesi and North Maluku since 2000.  IFC seeks to improve the health and future of the people of these regions. In 2004, 75 acres of land were purchased on the island of Halmahera to build a medical base. Since then the base has developed into a place of care and hope.

  • The clinic sees 8,000 patients a year. We provide free care to the poor—medical, dental and eye care.
  • An in-patient facility (Hospital) has been built that has 16 beds and a birthing center.
  • IFC organizes medical and dental professionals in short term teams to join our aid work.
  • Our Children’s Home now operates out of five homes where we care for over 55 children. These are abandoned or orphaned children. The many of the children stay in the homes of our staff—this makes them feel more like a family.
  • IFC is concerned about the future of these children and is providing support to the Hohidiai School an international school. The school has around 117 students and is currently building a new school building.
  • The leprosy treatment center provides housing for long term patients. Leprosy is prevalent in many of these islands and patients can come to our base and receive extended care. Our mobile teams travel to villages to care for lepers reachable by vehicle.
  • IFC provides on-the-job training for medical workers. This very practical training provides staff with a basic knowledge of how to help the sick in the region.
  • IFC seeks to care for severe cases. We provide funds for surgeries in Manado or other hospitals in Indonesia. In rare cases we will seek medical experts in America or Australia to treat the most severe injuries.
  • Education for Indonesian Staff:  Several of the Indonesian staff have completed specialized medical training and others are being trained for other skilled jobs. To date, three have graduated from Medical School, six nurses have completed their training, a pharmacist, accountant, three mid-wives, two dental nurses have all finished their studies and are serving at the Hohidiai base. There are two medical students who have graduated and are doing their internships, two staff are in teacher training programs and will graduate in three years, an accountant is in a one-on-one mentoring program, one young man has completed his second year of Dental School and five medical staff are seeking specialized HIV/AIDS national certification. We have a commitment to see the staff educated for these important skilled jobs.
  • We provide expert training for our staff by bringing skilled trainers to Indonesia.
  • We are developing training in agriculture and other self-sustaining programs

IFC is providing relief to the suffering and needs of the poor in this remote region of Indonesia. It is a pleasure to show compassion and mercy to those who are injured or suffer from diseases.