Thank you for contributions.  IFC operates at the highest level of accountability and ensures that funds will be given directly to designated projects.

* IFC US is registered as a non-profit organization. EID# 26-0028232

Make checks payable to IFC

P O Box 81823
Fairbanks, AK 99708


Account Name: IFC
Routing # 325271268
Mt. McKinley Mutual Savings Bank
530 4th Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

All major credit cards accepted through a secure server.

In the Memo type the desired use of your donation from the list and select ‘Donate’.


  • General Fund: Give to IFC to use where needed. IFC’s Medical clinic treats 160-200 people weekly.
  • Medical Training Funds: Three of our staff have been accepted into medical school, six in nurses training, two in dental school, two as midwives and one pharmacist. They need extensive help to pay for the schooling. When they complete their training they will take over the leadership of our medical work.
  • Agricultural projects: 1100 fruit trees have been planted along with vegetable gardens to provide food for our staff and the poor in our region.
  • Burn Patients: Due to the large numbers of burn injuries coming to our clinic we appreciate the help in purchasing specialized burn supplies.
  • Children’s Medical Funds: Some children that have special medical needs we bring to the U.S. or Australia while others will be treated in Indonesia. This fund will be used to cover all needs (transportation, visas, passports, surgery and any other cost associated with their care).
  • Children’s Home: Support a child for $ 100 per month or help with construction on the children’s home . Some people are providing partial support for our children.
  • Leper Rehabilitation: This region of Indonesia has the highest density of lepers in the Southern Hemisphere. IFC has built sixteen living units to house the lepers who come to us for treatment.
  • T.B. Treatment: Tuberculosis is a huge issue in this region. A home has been built to house those T.B. patients who come to our base for help.
  • HIV/AIDS: The numbers of HIV patents is growing by shocking numbers. We are providing medical treatment, housing, counseling and lots of compassion. We need more help serving those with HIV/AIDS.
  • New School Construction: IFC is building a new Elementary School!!  Located on six acres near the city of Tobelo — the First of  15 buildings is complete (as of June 2016) and is now being utilized by four classes.  The second building is under construction. Funding is needed to complete the second building.
  • Other…designate where you want the funds to be used.

No funds designated for relief work projects will be used for salaries, airfare, office use or other administrative purposes.

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