Medical Programs

IFC funds and assists the Hohidiai Clinic.  This is the primary call of our efforts. The Clinic serves approximately 8,000 patients per year and is open for free exams and care for the poor.   Longer term treatment is available for those who need hospitalization. In addition to those who are sick or injured we also provide residential treatment programs for T.B., Leprosy and HIV/AIDS.  For those who are unable to travel to our clinic, mobile medical teams are sent to the more remote regions.   More than 100 medical staff at the medical base are available to serve these patients.

The following six serious medical cases needed expert international help. After seeking the counsel of Indonesian doctors we teamed up with doctors and hospitals in America and Australia to provide healing.

Yulce and Fino traveled to Los Angeles to receive reconstructive surgery at the Grossman Burn Center. Yulce completed her treatments in L.A. and after 32 surgeries she is back home in her village and family.

Billie was brought to Portland, Oregon to get surgery for a birth defect that made him unable to pass waste. Liz Wood, a nurse who met him in Indonesia, was influential in getting him the care he needed. She is a real hero in the effort that saved his life.

Kasih had a severe double cleft pallet. She received reconstructive surgery in Australia.

Jasmine had a birth defect in her eye duct. An Australian doctor performed the corrective surgery.

Tison is another burn victim. He came to the U.S. in December 2009. He was badly scarred and received 19 surgeries to correct his burn injuries.

It has been a pleasure to help these with such severe injuries.

A multitude of people and organizations joined in each one of these cases — many thanks to everyone that gave from their hearts.

The costs and effort is huge. The “International Medical Program” provided opportunity for those in need to find help in another country. If you want to be involved please give a donation to help with travel, passport, visa, housing and some medical costs.

We have two candidates who are waiting for the next door to open.

You can read about these individuals under the stories link.