Burn Assistance

Accidental burn injuries are a large problem in the remote regions of Indonesia. We are seeing a growing number of burn victims and they come to us with serious injuries. The medical staff is learning how to care for burn injuries. We have advocated for several children to get help in America. Yulce and Vino had horrific burns and we were able to find them help in America.

There are many others who have come to us for burn treatment. Two Indonesian medical staff have received training in Los Angeles in burn care. We believe we can prevent greater serious damage by providing proper treatment and therapy as soon as possible to burn victim. We also plan to organize a burn prevention program that can be taught in villages, churches and mosques.

The hope is to prevent the accidental burns that happen all too frequently. Read about the stories highlighted in this section. Yulce, Vino were cared for in America but Daud, Anto and many others were cared for by our medical staff.


Stories of Burn Cases

  • Billie: Story of a young boy burned while playing a dangerous game with fire.
  • Tison: Story of a a nine year old Indonesian child who was burned in a tragic kerosene fuel spill.
  • Yulce: Story of a young girl badly burned who received surgical help from the Grossman Burn Center in the United States.  History of Yulce’s treatment
  • Fino: An eight year old boy was burned from his chin down his chest and right arm and hand. He is receiving surgical care and therapy at the Grossman Burn Center in the U.S.
  • Daud: A seven year old boy burned from a hot water, received treatment for burns and infection by IFC medical staff.
  • Anto: Seventeen year old boy left to die due to severe burn injuries.