Daud before surgery

Daud, a seven year old Indonesian boy, came to the clinic in the evening in the back of a pick-up truck. He was badly burned down his right leg and was very scared. His parents knew he needed to get treatment but they had few options. He was burned in a hot water spill. Esther recommended they remove all the injured skin and put on a sterile wraps and a splint. She told the parents this would be very painful but that they must allow her to clean up his wounds. His parents agreed and the wounds were cleaned a midst his cries and screams. He went through a lot to get the wounds clean. He received gentle and loving care.

Duad is a great little guy. He has a way of getting into your heart. He has an infectious laugh. He has been through therapy and receives regular changing of his sterile wraps. He was improving and was even walking and running. He goes home for several days and then comes back to the clinic. He came back to the clinic with a bad infection. His burned leg was now looking pretty good until he got this bad infection. The infection was possibly gangrene–everyone was really concerned. It required the dead flesh to be cut out and he is being cared for by our staff. He is back to his fun self. The staff is happy to see him improve.

Daud recovers after treatment.