International School

International School

A brief note about the school origins:

There are over 55 children in our care – from infants to teenagers. Five children’s homes provide family centered living, allowing them to grow up in a nurturing environment.

The International School was started five years ago under the leadership and vision of Hendra Pontomudis.  Hendra is an amazing man that wanted to provide a first-class education for the children in our care. Their hope for a future would be bright if they could receive a good education. Initially Hohidiai School had a mountain of challenges. Today, a first-class education is available to our children as well as some fee-paying students.

Land has been purchased and the first of 15 buildings has been built on the new property near the city of Tobelo.

The school began in July, 2011 to serve a student body of approximately 50.  There are now over 117 children in the school, ranging from pre-school to grade six. Each year another class is added to keep up with the progress of our children.The school is accredited by distance learning through Victoria Australia School Association and is licensed through the Indonesian Department of Education. The academic expectations are high and classes are taught by English speaking teachers, in both English and Indonesian languages.



Architect's rendering of the new Hohidiai grade school.

Architect’s rendering of the new Hohidiai grade school.



Cluster Floorplan Cutaway

New School Floor Plan


Hendra’s Vision for a School